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Securing Your Online Presence With a Premium Domain Name

  • Published On: September 7, 2023

  • Category: ownership

If you're planning to build a website to increase your online presence, take the time to consider your domain name. Premium domain names can have a significant impact on your business when you choose the right one. 

Why Choose a Premium Domain Name

A premium domain name can send more traffic to your website. It can enhance your branding as potential customers associate your company with your chosen domain. The domain name can also tell customers what product or service you provide. 

With the right domain name, you can rank higher in searches. If someone is searching for Mexican restaurants in San Marcos, Texas, restaurants with a premium domain name can rank higher than those with a different domain. 

How Premium Domain Names Improve Online Presence

A .com premium domain can have a powerful effect on your site's ability to convert visitors to customers or clients. Many commercial websites in the U.S. use .com because it is recognized as a trusted domain. It's easily recognizable and memorable since over 47 percent of websites have .com as their extension. 

Customers will be directed to your site when they type in related words in a search. If the businesses or information on different sites are similar, the site with a .com extension will rank higher than one with a different domain name. If you purchase multiple similar domain names, you can have them all link to your main page. This way, you can have all the top keywords pointing toward your business, which helps to drive more traffic to your site.

If your main website is, you might want to buy as well. When potential customers search for your business, it's easy to confuse "cookie" with "cookies." You want to be sure your clients are directed to your company. 

How to Select the Best Domain Name

When choosing premium domain names, you'll have several factors to consider. Pick a name that reflects what your business does. Keep it short and straightforward to avoid confusion. Determine what words potential customers use to search for your services or products. Those are your keywords and should be included in your domain name. Avoid using too many keywords in your domain, or search engines could assume you are not a legit site. 

Using an exact match keyword for your domain is the best converter. Be as specific as you can without being restrictive. works well if that's the only kind of taco Dave sells or if it's his specialty. could be too general if he's known for his shrimp tacos and someone is searching for shrimp tacos online. 

Find the Right Domain Name with can help your business find the best domain name for your organization. Just input the keywords you want to use or your business name in our search feature. When you click for results, you'll find numerous options that are available for purchase that fit your criteria. Get started now with your search, or contact us with questions about your domain name.